Thanet wildlife on BBC Springwatch

Thanet wildlife will feature in a short film on BBC Springwatch when the series returns on Monday 29th May and runs for 3 weeks. Wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor-Jones, wildlife guide Keith Ross and drone operator Nik Mitchell spent over a week filming the wildlife on St Augustine’s golf course at Pegwell Bay. The main feature will be the rare Water Voles that live in the network of dykes that run throughout the golf course. These mammals have declined by over 90% in just 50 years due to habit loss and predation from American Mink.

Wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor-Jones

Finding the elusive Water Voles was very challenging. Wildlife trail cameras & even thermal imaging was used to try and track them down but at the end of the day it was spending hours staring at the banks of the dykes looking for movement that paid off, though they had to keep an ever watchful eye out for golf balls that didn’t always go in the intended direction.

Read more in The Isle of Thanet News.

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