Discover Hidden Treasure

This modern take on the traditional treasure hunt will get you out walking and hunting for treasure all at the same time!

Download the app, lock onto the GPS co-ordinate and you’re on your way to uncovering much more than hidden treasure though, as every geocache on the Ramsgate coast reveals some of our best locations and best-kept secrets.

Whether in Ramsgate Town, with its wealth of history waiting to be discovered at every turn; along beautiful lanes and coastal trails; across wide open beaches; through a natural wonderland of protected wildlife and stunning scenery. Wherever the clues take you, the real treasure is never far away.

Happy geocache hunting!

The Technology Behind the Mythology

GPS Mobile Geocaching

This smart reinvention of the traditional treasure hunt uses GPS technology (available as an app on your smartphone) to track down hidden “caches” using the individual co-ordinates and clues which pinpoint their location.

To get started, create a free geocaching account and download the official Geocaching® app or use a GPS device.

What’s the Cache?

Mum and Boy Geocaching

The adventure is free and fun and all you need to do to take part is download the app from and search on ‘Ramsgate’ for clues on all hidden caches in our area.

Active Ramsgate Geocoins

Follow the journey of our Active Ramsgate Geocoins from the comfort of your home online or get active and find them yourself to help them on their travels.

Active Coast
Bouncing its way around the British Isles.

Distant Voyager I
Sailing around the harbours and coastal getaways of Europe.

Distant Voyager II
Spreading the word about Ramsgate amongst Europe’s coastal towns.

Four Seasons – Active Ramsgate
Connecting Ramsgate with its twin towns in Europe.

The Ramsgate Ramblers

The three Ramsgate Ramblers geocaches like nothing more than to  explore the area around Ramsgate. They are also super competitive. Which one will travel the furthest?

Natural Wonder

Northern Star

Viking Maker

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