Scuba Diving

Beneath the Waves

The choice of how you can have fun in the sea in Ramsgate is never ending.

Why not take the plunge and go scuba diving? It’s a totally magical way of experiencing a secret, hidden world beneath Ramsgate’s coastal waters. And with more shipwrecks than any other place in the UK you’ll follow in the fin kicks of the scores of underwater archaeologists that come to dive here from far and wide to discover hidden treasure.

And no matter what is going on above the surface, being underwater brings a sense of quietness and peace – you can let go of anything.  

Divers are happiest making bubbles – fact!

Lessons and Small Group Dives

Scuba divers

Whether you are a scuba diving newbie curious to discover the world beneath the waves or an old hand looking to add to your qualifications, visit Thanet Diving and Watersports in the Arches in Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour or call them on 07981 551922. They offer diver training and small group dive trips for all abilities.

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