Take the Plunge

Paddleboarding on the wide, open expanse of the sea makes you feel small and exposed – yet thrillingly connected to nature. The added challenge of waves forces you to focus, to balance and move in time with the rhythm of the water beneath your feet. Paddleboarding allows you to slow down and to journey inwards – a meditative way to take in the coast around Ramsgate.

Whether you want to chill out by yourself, enjoy a fun day out with the family, go racing with a friend or benefit from some hard core upper-body training, paddleboarding will keep you on your toes. Ramsgate also has one of the best SUP schools in the UK and a vibrant paddleboarding community waiting to welcome you.

Kick off your shoes and take the plunge.

Paddleboarding Lessons and Small Group Guided Paddles

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Before you paddle off into the sunset, it’s advisable to take a lesson or two. Local Kite Pirates Kite School offer SUP Lessons as well as small group guided SUP Safari Tours and Keep SUP Fit classes for the more experienced paddleboarding warrior!  

With a team of professional and highly experienced BSUPA certified instructors, Kite Pirates is the go-to SUP school in Kent. Using the latest Sandbank’s top quality paddleboards, rated 9/10 for overall performance by SUP Boarder Magazine, they also offer the best and safest equipment around.

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SUP Lessons will get you ‘Ready to Ride’ in under two hours!

SUP Safari Tours are a super fun way to experience the Kent coastline and enjoy a great paddle at the same time. To join a Sunrise, Sunset or Seal SUP Safari participants need to have already completed a ‘Ready to Ride’ SUP lesson or equivalent.

Sunrise or Sunset SUP Small Group Paddles with Local Hospitality are a great way to experience a wonderful Ramsgate sunrise or sunset and enjoy local hospitality with the Kite Pirates crew at the same time! A one hour small group guided sea paddle followed by breakfast in a local eatery or an evening drink in a local pub with your fellow paddlers and instructor to debrief on your paddle. To join this experience you will need to have completed a ‘Ready to Ride’ SUP lesson or equivalent. 

Keep SUP Fit classes are available day and evening. All exercise plans are tailor-made on the day to suit the student’s general fitness level. The focus is on a fun and engaging work out, whilst enjoying a great paddling session.

Contact Kite Pirates Kite & SUP School  07739 369531 for details and to pre-book.

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