Bettina’s Yoga

Bettina’s Yoga

Enjoy Kundalini Yoga Lessons with Bettina at ARCHIVE Homestore & Kitchen with a fantastic view over Ramsgate’s Harbour.

B-Ji Kundalini Yoga is for Everyone! All levels, ages, physical conditions are welcome – just be yourself!

Kundalini Yoga will dawn on you the secret of how to be Healthy, Happy and Wholly.”

Practicing Kundalini Yoga removes blocks in body and mind and connects us to who we are. It works fast!

It increases vitality, strengthens immune, nervous & glandular systems, stimulates creativity, increases mental energy and focus. Enjoy greater stamina & flexibility, experience greater joy.



Bettina’s Yoga
Archive Homestore & Kitchen
17 Military Road

Check for classes at:
Facebook: B-Ji Kundalini Yoga click here
Twitter: click here

Tel: 07932 574941

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