Ramsgate to Pegwell Nature Walk

Join Keith Ross wildlife filmmaker on a six mile Nature Walk from Ramsgate Westcliff to Pegwell Bay Nature Reserve.

The walk will run from May till September ( This walk can be done at any time of year but the wildlife will vary with the seasons ) with the aim of seeing a wide variety of wildlife including the worlds fastest bird the Peregrine Falcon, migrating Cuckoo & Nightingale and views of basking Common Seals & waders in the Bay. It won’t be just birds though as we’d expect to see Lizard, Butterfly and Dragonfly.

Like any nature walk nothing is guaranteed and you never know what species you might get the chance to see. If you’re very lucky you might spot something rarer. Perhaps a Water Vole or Grass snake or even a Red Kite or Osprey. All have been seen in the area.

The walk costs £30 per person and will start at the Boating Pond on Ramsgate Westcliff continuing through Pegwell village along the cliff top to Pegwell National Nature Reserve. The walk is about 6 miles and will last most of the day so bring a pack lunch & water. Wear suitable clothing and footwear. Bring Binoculars if you can.

From Sept to March Keith runs Autumn/Winter Nature walks. A short Kingfisher walk around Ramsgate Harbour & a full day walk to Pegwell Bay.

To book a walk on a day of your choice contact Keith by email on keithross1@hotmail.com or DM via Twitter @ramsgatebirds.

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