Magic Tenner 2023

Ramsgate has gone all Totally Locally Magic Tenner* crazy starting from tomorrow, 7th October with 2 weeks of fab £10 deals across town!

To help you find your way around all the tentastic offers, we have created a Google map which you can find here.

Some of the offers you can expect include these gorgeous handmade leather glasses cases for £10 each from Limarni in Harbour St.

or 3 of Saltworks guest soaps for a tenner. Or there’s a gorgeous silver plated necklace from McGillan & Woodell or a King Charles III plate from Elephant in the Room! 

Mike at York Street Gallery has put on a load of fab offers with a 10 theme running through including 6 of these cards, hand drawn by the very talented Eric.

We have some lovely food offers too from Stone baked pizzas and a drink at Little Seaside Town to Souvlaki and Tsatziki served at Papa George’s. 

Keep checking the map and our Totally Locally Ramsgate Facebook page as I will be adding to the Magic Tenner offers all the time with more coming up over the next few days.

The event runs until 21st October, so if you don’t make it down before, make sure to head down on that last Saturday as it is also RAMSGATE DAY with loads of good stuff happening in the centre of town!

Next weekend, there will also be a Raven Route trail starting that runs until 31st October to Include half term and there will be a RAMMY THE RAVEN or RAMSGREAT badge to be won so another good excuse to head into town! I’ll tell you more about that next week but for now, take a look at the Magic Tenner map and click on the icons to find out who’s taking part and what delights they have to offer you!

Have a tentastic time exploring and supporting our fabulous independent businesses!

* According to research by The New Economics Foundation, because local businesses tend to spend in other local businesses, the money circulates in the local economy, so £10 spent in one business is likely to see £50 circulating throughout the town! That’s Magic!

Rebekah Smith

Town Promoter, Ramsgate Town Council

* Children must be accompanied by an adult on the trails and be over 3 years old to win a badge.

Follow Visit Ramsgate on Facebook, insta and twitter. Totally Locally Ramsgate on facebook for updates on all the offers across town.

Magic Tenner Campaign 7th – 21st October 2023

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