Ghost Trail

Here in Ramsgate, we love an excuse to have a trail and Halloween is as good a reason as any!  We’ve had the ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety Trail, Easter Trails and our lovely Corgi Trail this Summer so why not a Ghost Trail? 

Sixteen of our independent town centre businesses will ‘host a ghost’ in their windows for you and your little ones to find – some will be easier to spot than others but we have created a map below to help you find them!  Using the map (check schoolbags for a flyer if your child goes to a Ramsgate infant or Primary school!), head on down to town and discover the light-up ghosts. 

Each ghost will have a little flag with a letter on which you need to write down to reveal the message… Once you find the message, hand your completed trail into Kids Bright House or Little Seaside Town in the High Street and they will hand over your bag of treats which include a specially made sticker, a rubber band bracelet, some sour and sweet treats, two temporary tattoos and a glow-in-the dark thingamajig!  

There will be spare copies of the flyer available in some of the participating shops and the Visitor Information Centre in Harbour Parade.

Thank you to our lovely local businesses for contributing and a here’s little clue to help you find the last letter of the secret message: number 16 hasn’t opened yet but used to be called Celandine Hall… Happy Ghosthunting! 

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

Rebekah Smith, Town Promoter on behalf of Ramsgate Town Council

Ghost Trail Map

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