Inside – A show for babies, toddlers & families

Inside’ is an intimate, immersive multi-sensory puppetry show for the early years, a non-verbal allegory of life in the womb and how information is perceived. This is a show about communication, how the inside and the outside talk to each other. How much sound and light comes in? How to answer? How to come out?

It is aimed specifically at the 0-4 years age range but the experience can be enjoyed by the whole family. Using sound-making, clowning, puppetry and shadow theatre, this show is performed both from the inside and outside of a dome.

​This project is supported by the Arts Council England, Canterbury City Council,  Looping the Loop, Baby Sensory Thanet, Helter Skelter Nursery, The Gulbenkian, The Quarterhouse and BAC Collaborative Touring Network.

Ramsgate – 25th April

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