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Fiver Fest is back!

Fiver Fest is back and it’s just got bigger in Ramsgate!  Our independent businesses have embraced this initiative once again and there are some lovely offers stretched across the town!  In fact, as a business community, we are completely sold on the concept of Totally Locally and hope you are too!  The messages are simple: supporting independent businesses is good for the local economy and makes us all feel like we are doing our bit to support the town. 

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Fiver Fest Fortnight is part of a national campaign to support small businesses.  Our lovely indies offer £5 deals on products that would normally cost more for the next fourteen days in the hope that you will come into town, explore (and buy!) what’s on offer and in turn, this helps spread the important message that if every adult in Ramsgate spent just £5 a week in an independent business, that would amount to £7.9 million going directly into the local economy every year! 

On writing this, we have 42 offers (and counting!) so make sure you take your ‘big bags’ into town so you can take full advantage!  It all kicks off tomorrow, 12th March, so just in time to get some lovely Mother’s Day gifts as well! 

Fiver Fest - Ramsgate 2022

Check out our map to make sure you make the most of the brilliant bargains on offer and maybe you will even find some new favourite shops too!  And along with the big bags, the only other bit of advice I can give you is don’t eat before you leave home!  There are so many great foodie deals this time, you would be crazy to fill up on muesli!

Rebekah Smith

Town Promoter Ramsgate Town Council

Fiver Fest from 12th March to 26th March.

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