The Ramsgate Wet Weather 8!

Did you know that Ramsgate has one of the mildest climates in the UK?
On the rare occasion that you may be caught in the rain, we’ve put together some suggestions on where to go to keep dry and still have lots of fun!

1. Ramsgate Tunnels Tour
Take a guided tour around the network of Deep Shelter Tunnels under Ramsgate, which housed 60,000 people during the Second World War.
(Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, CT11 8LN, 01843 588123)

2. Ramsgate Maritime Museum
Set in the heart of the country’s only Royal Harbour, the Museum tells the maritime history of the area with displays on the development of the Harbour, navigation, fishing, lifeboats and shipwrecks. The Clock House is also the site of the unique Ramsgate Meridian – from which its own particular Mean Time – 5 minutes, 41 seconds ahead of Greenwich – was calculated.
Ramsgate Maritime Museum
(The Clock House, Pier Yard, Ramsgate, CT11 8LS)

3. Petticoat Lane Emporium
A huge emporium of all things vintage, retro, collectable or craft. Huge amounts of choice and you can while away many hours browsing these unique curios. 202 stalls, 3 shops and a vintage tea room. Has been featured on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip!
(47 Dumpton Drive, Ramsgate, CT11 8AD)

4. Micromuseum
Discover the history of computing and the ideas and stories of the inventors of the digital age, plus play on old school consoles with the games you remember!
(11 Church Hill, Ramsgate, CT11 8RA, 07876 271255)

5. Defence of the Nation Museum
A fantastic memorial to the role that Thanet played in World War One and Two. The Museum first opened in 2015 with its Operation Dynamo exhibition, and has proved so popular that it is moving to a new location at the top of the West Cliff with a new exhibition entitled ‘Ramsgate in World War One’ which honours local heroes for the part they played in the Great War.
(West Cliff, Ramsgate, 07980 964 913)

6. Art galleries
Ramsgate has various art galleries, all displaying art from local artists, and are well worth a visit. We suggest you try the following:

Something Fishy – The Little Arch Gallery
2 Military Road, Ramsgate, CT11 9LG, 07793 508940 or 01843 599020

Open 11-5 Friday to Sunday, or open by appointment

York Street Gallery
22 York Street, Ramsgate, CT11 9DS, 07887 477948
Open Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm

Arts in Ramsgate
18 Harbour Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8HA, 01843 309284
Open most days, just drop in and find out what’s on during your stay

7. St Augustine’s Church
The church is personal project of the renowned architect Augustus Pugin, most famous for designing Big Ben and his other work on the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. He said that this building was the perfect model of his ‘true principles’ of architecture and called it ‘my own child’. A leader of the Gothic Revival, St Augustine’s was the only church Pugin built with his own money. It is also the shrine to St Augustine of England, who arrived in Thanet with the mission to bring Christianity to the English for the first time. A new visitor education centre has just opened, so this is well worth a visit.
(St Augustine’s Road, Ramsgate, CT11 9PA, 01843 606756)

8. The Grange
Another of Pugin’s buildings, he built this as a family home. Not only is the architecture impressive, there is also a small exhibition which contains information about the building as well as the history of Pugin.
(St Augustine’s Road, Ramsgate, CT11 9PA, 01628 825925)