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Did you know that Ramsgate is home to a British kitesurfing record? Towards the end of last year, leading kitesurfing champion Lewis Crathern headed to Ramsgate Sands, and jumped a whopping 22.3 metres high, smashing his own record in the process.

Ramsgate is somewhat of a kitesurfing haven, and every year, hundreds flock to the beach to take advantage of the perfect weather conditions.

Active Ramsgate, a Ramsgate Town Council initiative, has been working for the past three years to promote the wonderful outdoor activities on offer in the area, encouraging locals and those from further away to visit, enjoy the scenery, keep fit and spend time with family and friends. All helping to bring money into the local economy.

With that in mind, the team has been working in partnership with Thanet Diving and Watersports, based in the Arches at the Royal Harbour, to give more people the opportunity to learn kitesurfing on Ramsgate Sands. They will now be offering regular lessons and taster sessions for anyone who wants to give it a go. All equipment is provided, so just book in, turn up, and learn on the record breaking beach in Ramsgate!

But don’t just take Active Ramsgate’s word for it.

Lewis Crathern, that record breaking kitesurfer mentioned earlier tells us why Ramsgate is the perfect kitesurfing destination, and why everyone should give it a go.

“Ramsgate lends itself to a very strong wind from both the South and the North, kitesurfing works quite well off the beach, the waves can get really good. I went there for the strength of the winds, but also because it’s a beautiful place, the big white cliffs make it an aesthetically pleasing place to ride. I like all the bars and the shops on the seafront, it’s always a nice visit to come down here, and I feel very welcome.”

“People should give kitesurfing a go for a number of reasons. It’s life changing; the ultimate freedom of being out in the ocean, just using the natural resource of wind. It’s a very fit and healthy sport and there’s a great community vibe amongst kitesurfers.”

“One of the best reasons is that you can turn the bad weather in the UK into good weather, all that strong wind that people complain about, suddenly becomes something you really want, so we’re in the right place for that!”

“Ramsgate is a beautiful place to kitesurf, and I would visit there anytime, it’s great for anyone learning to kiteboard, but also from a professional perspective, it’s one place in the UK where I feel I can jump the highest every time I go there.”

So if that has whetted your appetite, and you want to give it a go, then contact Thanet Diving and Watersports on www.kentscubadiving.co.uk or call 07981 551922.

Active Ramsgate has details of various activities such as walking, cycling and canoe trails available on its website: http://www.ramsgatetown.org/activeramsgate.aspx

By Sarah Whelband